Technology & Investment

Since 2008 we've invested tens of millions of dollars in state-of-the-art technology and continuous rail improvements to enhance the safe operations and efficient service to our customers. 

Geographic Information Services (GIS)

NBM Railways was an early adopter of GIS technology, which is relatively new to railways. In using this technology, we can tighten the gap between issue detection on the tracks and issue resolution. GIS technology flags differences in rail and track condition, identifies slow and high-speed spots, which could be areas for safety concerns and maps culverts and bridges. Our GIS is tied directly to our preventative maintenance system and provides us with automated reporting of speed, efficiency and other measures to ensure that we can meet and exceed safety requirements.       


NBM Railways is an early adopter of Wi-Tronix technology, which wirelessly monitors the performance of our fleet by way of fuel conservation, geo-mapping and locomotive fault. This provides "just in time" data to take action as required and to optimize our performance.