Community Outreach

Community Outreach

At NBM Railways, we are committed to our communities. Finding a better way every day not only applies to our business, it is the focus of our contribution to the community and the environment.

Mock disasters

We regularly engage with communities and local emergency response organizations including mock disaster drills.

Safety programs delivered throughout the community

In addition to our safety programs for kids, our safety presentations are made to community groups, fire departments, policing groups and associations.

Life-saving talks and presentations

Driving home our commitment to safety, NBM Railways actively promotes rail safety with interactive talks and presentations to school-aged children and other members in our communities. We work in partnership with Operation Lifesaver and are active participants on Maine and New Brunswick's Operation Lifesaver steering committee promoting rail safety. We have received national recognition for our contribution to enhancing railway safety and we currently Chair the New Brunswick committee

Operation Lifesaver - A Partnership in Public-Rail Safety

Operation Lifesaver is sponsored by the Railway Association of Canada and Transport Canada and works in co-operation with the Canada Safety Council and provincial safety councils/leagues.

This active, continuing public education program is designed to heighten public awareness of the potential hazards of highway/railway crossings. It emphasizes caution by drivers and pedestrians. The program seeks to inform the public of the dangers associated with trespassing on railway property.

Active participant in National Rail Safety Week

Through our involvement with the New Brunswick Operation Lifesaver steering committee, NBM Railways participates in an extensive range of public events, including safety blitzes and crossing mock disasters throughout National Rail Safety Week in a joint effort to promote rail safety. In Canada, we have been nationally recognized for "Outstanding achievement, dedication and commitment in promoting public safety".