An environmentally-friendly track record

Rail transport is an energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly transportation solution. Simply put, rail uses less energy to move more goods.

According to Natural Resources of Canada's Office of Energy Efficiency it takes over 10 times more energy to transport a tonne of freight by heavy truck than by train. Data also indicates that rail helps you reduce your carbon footprint, emitting six times less greenhouse gases than trucks.

At NBM Railways, we take our commitment to environmental protection even further. As a member of the J.D. Irving, Limited (JDI) family of companies, we are continually exploring innovative new ways to lighten our environmental footprint. Our mandate is to manage our operations so they deliver the highest quality services in an environmentally-sustainable and socially-responsible manner.

We are dedicated to being proactive in our approach to environmental management and in order to fulfill this commitment, we have implemented initiatives such as:

  • all NBM Railways locomotives are equipped with Smart Start technology to reduce idling
  • used rail tie recycling program
  • energy saving natural light program in our new Distribution Centre